What can you expect from lessons?

  • An individualized learning plan specific to the student's needs, goals, and tastes
  • A strong focus both on aural development and reading skills
  • Lessons in how to compose and improvise
  • Monthly recordings to show progress
  • Monthly newsletters containing practice tips, useful information, student highlights, calendar, student of the month, and more
  • Music theory taught through innovative and fun ways, such as games, iPad apps, and so on.
  • Regular group lessons (topics include playing by ear, music history, active listening, etc.)
  • Integration of technology to enhance learning
  • Music that students love to play

My Philosophy
I constantly strive to bring innovative ideas and creative tools to my teaching. I want students to walk in every week wondering which new and exciting piece I have selected specifically for them, which game they get to play that week, which composer they will be learning about, and what other fun activities we will be doing! I strive to keep my teaching unique, fresh, and completely different to what you might expect from a traditional piano teacher.

I believe that students should enjoy playing the piano and should learn how to play with correct technique and understanding of their instrument. Exams are a very small part of this picture. I will enter students for practical or theory exams only if prompted by the student/parent, but I would rather focus on a well-rounded musical background than exam preparation.

My instruction includes, but is not limited to, Western classical, jazz, folk, and popular styles of music.

Every month, students write their own compositions, some of which are featured on my Facebook page.

I also host group classes and bi-annual recitals, so students will have regular performance opportunities and will have the chance to make music in ensemble settings.

All lessons are one-on-one private sessions. Group lessons are an option for existing private students only. 


I teach ages 5 to adult.

Lessons will last for 40 minutes, once a week. Piano lessons + tech lab are 60 minutes.

There is currently a waiting-list-only option as I don't have any free slots, but I would be happy to add you to the list and let you know once a slot frees up.


All students must have a piano or 88-key weighted keyboard at home.

Lessons are taught from my home studio in Vasant Vihar.